The History, Importance, and Meaning of Red Roses

This could be buying them for a first love. Or getting them on an anniversary. You may give them to a friend or family member. Or treat yourself to one on a special day.

  • Red Roses Meaning

Do you know, more than 400,000 types of flowers exist in the world? But one flower stands out as a favorite for many people: the red rose. There are over 150 types of roses and about 3,000 other plants in the rose family. Most roses are some shade of red. Because of this, red roses are very important in culture and people's lives. Almost everyone has a memory involving a red rose. This could be buying them for a first love. Or getting them on an anniversary. You may give them to a friend or family member. Or treat yourself to one on a special day.

You likely know a lot about red roses already. But these facts and details may surprise you.


In ancient Greek mythology, the story goes that the red rose was created when the goddess of flowers, Chloris, was walking in the woods. Sadly, she came across the lifeless body of a nymph. Feeling sad about its death, she transformed the creature into the most lovely flower imaginable. Later, when another goddess, Aphrodite, saw her creation, she was instantly taken with it. This goddess of love then named the flower “rose” in honor of her son Eros, also known as Cupid. Today, we still celebrate Cupid's holiday - Valentine's Day - with beautiful bouquets of bright red roses!

In Roman mythology, the origin of the red rose is a bit different but no less dramatic. In this tale, it is Venus (also the goddess of love) who is rushing to warn her lover Adonis about a murder plot against him. As she runs away, her ankle gets cut on a thorn bush. However, in a beautiful way, wherever her blood fell a lush red rose was said to blossom - creating the red rose bushes we know and admire today.

Red roses meaning

Each color has its own unique rose symbolism. For example, white roses symbolize purity, and yellow roses mean friendship. But the color red is more complex - different shades of red roses have slightly various meanings. (One easy rule if you are thinking of buying from a local florist in Evanston il: Deeper shades of red show more passion.)

Traditionally, light red and pink roses symbolize femininity, grace, and elegance. A shade darker, like dark pink roses, evoke gratitude and appreciation. Salmon-colored roses, between red and orange, represent excitement and enthusiasm, ideal for a new relationship.

Bright ruby-red roses are the ultimate emblem of love and typically indicate passion, desire, and romance. Deeper shades of red that are more burgundy in color convey commitment and devotion, while roses with a merlot red tint represent beauty. Finally, very dark red roses - sometimes appearing almost black - symbolize rebirth and fresh starts.

What do roses symbolize in numbers?

While quality matters when giving someone red roses, quantity is also important. The meaning changes with the number of blooms in the bouquet. Here’s a quick overview of what various numbers mean:

1 Rose - A single red rose means giving your heart as a new love, love at first sight, or a one-of-a-kind love.

2 Roses - A pair represents mutual love and affection, being each other's match.

3 Roses - Traditionally for one-month anniversaries, these signify the three syllables in "I love you."

6 Roses - Wanting to take the relationship further, six roses say "I want to be yours."

10 Roses - Considered perfect like the number 10, these convey that someone feels the recipient is number one in their heart.

12 Roses - Mirroring ideas of completion, a dozen red roses means your love is full or whole, asking for nothing more.

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